Fluorescein Conjugated Antiserum...

Fluorescein Conjugated Antiserum...


Anti Human Complement C-3 (B1C/B1A) FITC

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Anti Human Complement C-3 (B1C/B1A) FITC, Low F/P - 2-4.9 - Direct Tag

• Monospecificity by solid phase adsorption for a strong tag with a low background
• High antibody titer equals more dilution and dollar value
• Choice of F/P ratio; high for indirect tags – low for direct tags
• FITC Conjugates
• Made in Goat
• IN VITRO Diagnostic Use


                Antiserum to human C-3  is produced in goats by immunization with purified human C-3.  The gamma globulin fraction of the absorbed, monospecific (B 1C/B1A) antiserum is then prepared, followed by reaction with fluorescein isothiocyanate.  The excess dye is removed by dialysis and the conjugated globulin further fractionated on DEAE cellulose to remove under- and overlabelled protein.  Total protein is determined by the Biuret reaction and the concentration of fluorescein by comparison with a fluorescein diacetate standard.  Sodium azide (0.1% w/v) is added as preservative.

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