Fluorescein Conjugated Antiserum...

Fluorescein Conjugated Antiserum...


Anti Human Albumin FITC

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Anti Human Albumin FITC, High F/P - 5-9.0

• Monospecificity by solid phase adsorption for a strong tag with a low background
• High antibody titer equals more dilution and dollar value
• Choice of F/P ratio; high for indirect tags – low for direct tags
• FITC Conjugates
• Made in Goat
• IN VITRO Diagnostic Use


                Antiserum to human albumin is produced in goats by immunization with purified human albumin.  The gamma globulin fraction of the absorbed, monospecific antiserum is then prepared, followed by reaction with fluorescein isothiocyanate.  The excess dye is removed by dialysis and the conjugated globulin further fractionated on DEAE cellulose to remove under- and overlabelled protein.  Total protein is determined by the Biuret reaction and the concentration of fluorescein by comparison with a fluorescein diacetate standard.  Sodium azide (0.1% w/v) is added as preservative.

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