Product Info

Product Information

KENT LABORATORIES RID Kits include standards, ring reference table, directional insert and 3 x 24 well plates packaged in individual ziploc bags. A reference table converting the ring diameters to concentration is supplied with each endpoint plate order. Unused wells can be utilized until the expiration of the plate as long as the plate is refrigerated when not being used.

RID Plate Procedure

RID Plate Insert

Effective Assay Ranges of RID Plates

Reference Standards

Ordering Information

The unique design of our RID plates can show results between 14 and 18 hours.

KENT LABORATORIES private label custom plates are available for many antibodies upon request. In addition custom Reverse Radial Immunodiffusion plates are available using human or animal antigen. We offer a simple, reliable and economical technique for the quantitation of human proteins in the clinical laboratory.

Bulk Quantities

KENT LABORATORIES can supply bulk quantities of all products. All products are produced in the company’s own laboratory and farm facilities. Bulk pricing for antiserum, conjugated immunoglobulin fractions and radial immunodiffusion plates is available upon request.