RID Plate Procedure

Radial Immunodiffusion Plates Procedure

Kits include:

• Strong, Clear, Precipitin Rings
• 18 and 48 Hour Readouts
• 5 µl Sample Fill for All Proteins
• Calibrated Reference Curves for Specific Endpoint Plate Lots

Step by step instructions

1. Draw serum using 5µl pipette.

2. Deliver serum into the wells of immunodiffusion plates and record well positions.

3. Store plates. Store inoculated plates according to test condition which you select.

4. Read and record. Measure precipitin ring diameters. Plot reference curve. Calculate, record results for unknown samples.

TRIPLE J FARMS offers one of the most complete lines of Animal RID Plates and Kits available. The Fahey and McKelvey technique allows most plates to be read between 14 and 18 hours, plotting rings diameter versus the log of concentration. The Mancini technique occurs when the plates reach endpoint after 18 to 48 hours. The square of the precipitin ring diameter is plotted versus concentration on graph paper. Precipitin rings are sharp and easy to read.

The unique design of our RID plates allows us to sell our plates at almost half the price per well as compared to many other manufacturers. We offer a simple, reliable and economical technique for the quantitation of human proteins in the clinical laboratory.

Some standards are calibrated against the College of American Pathologists reference standard, which in turn was quantitated by different manufacturers against the U.S. reference standard and WHO. Dilution of patient sample is not required for any of the protein kits. A reference table converting the ring diameters to concentration is supplied with each endpoint plate order.

KKits include standards, ring reference table, directional insert and 1 x 24 well plates packaged in individual ziploc bags. Unused wells can be utilized until the expiration of the plate as long as the plate is refrigerated when not being used.

TRIPLE J FARMS private label custom plates are available for many antibodies upon request.